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X uses of natural gas at home other than heating

Noticias 24hs  -  13/09/2019  -  13:53

Cooking with a natural gas oven is also different compared to other types of ovens, and professional cooks might agree

4 Uses of Natural Gas at Home Other Than Heating

When you think of natural gas, you probably don't think of any other use but heating. Well, we are here to tell you there is a lot more to natural gas than meets the eye. The following are five natural gas uses that don't involve your heating system.

1. The Beauty of Natural Gas Cooking

Some might think all stoves are the same, but there are differences worth exploring, especially if you want to save money, control temperature more efficiently, and care for the environment.

Many stoves that use an ever-burning pilot use more gas than needed. This means you are consuming more energy, and that is not good for anyone since it increases your carbon footprint, and it also means your bill is higher than it needs to be.

All this could be eliminated by simply opting for an oven that uses natural gas and an electric ignition pilot that turns on only when you need it. With an efficient oven like this, finding the best Calgary electric rates is going to be a little easier.

Cooking with a natural gas oven is also different compared to other types of ovens, and professional cooks might agree. Electric stovetops sometimes have a hard time regulating temperature. This could make or break certain dishes that require precise and consistent temperatures.

2. Using Natural Gas to Heat Up the Water

Okay, another thing natural gas can do is heat up your water heater. These devices use up a lot of energy since they are constantly warming up water so that you aren't caught in a cold shower. The good thing about natural gas-powered water heaters is that you won't rely on electricity.

Natural gas is not only less expensive than electricity; it is also much more energy efficient. It should also be pointed out that electric-powered water heaters take a while to heat up water. This means you could be ready to take a shower or might need hot water to wash something, and you might have to wait a while for your device to catch up with your needs.

Those who want a water heater capable of responding to your needs quickly need to stick to natural gas-powered water heaters. Keep in mind that you can choose several sizes to fit your needs, even smaller capacity units since your water heater responds much faster. If you can get away with a smaller unit, you'll be conserving water.

3. Get Cool With Natural Gas

Everyone knows that you can warm your home up with natural gas, but you can also do the opposite. There are some gas-powered and eco-friendly AC units you can install in your home.

The only hiccup you have to keep in mind is that natural gas AC units are usually more expensive.

One main reason people don't make the switch is simply because other AC unit types are less expensive, but people need to remember that natural gas is just cheaper. Sure, you might have to pay a little more to purchase the unit, but the operation costs are going to be significantly lower, so you end up saving money.

Another little perk we forgot to mention about gas-powered AC units and the other appliances mentioned is that an electrical blackout won't affect these devices, and that is good.

4. Drying With a Natural Gas Dryer

Natural gas dryers are more expensive than regular electric dryers, but they use a lot less power. It was found that natural gas dryers are so efficient that they end up using about 50 percent less power than a regular electric-powered machine.

Again, this is another way to reduce your carbon footprint and save money in the long run since your electric bills should be lower. Investing in one these devices may hurt your wallet at the beginning, but anything good is worth some sacrifice.

You should also know that natural gas dryers are much more effective. These types of dryers produce more absorbent air. Your clothes should be done much faster, freeing up your day, which is good news for anyone. Most modern natural gas dryers come with an automatic shut-off system to help keep your energy costs low and your home safe.

These are just some things you can do with natural gas other than heating your house though that part is great, too. Talk to your natural gas specialist to see what more can be done with natural gas at home.




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